Hygiene and Cleanliness

Most important in every kitchen - hygiene! We have to avoid contamination. Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is often too hot to be carried out of the kitchen and disposed of appropriately.

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Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

We strive to increase public awareness that the improper use of cooking oil negatively impacts population health, the environment and the economy. Together, we will contribute to a clean and healthy India.

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Energy from Waste

We guarantee that your Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is converted to sustainable biodiesel, neither re-entering the food chain nor polluting the environment. This is backed up by our ISCC certification.

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Our Challenge

Contribute to raising life expectancy, improving the environment and delivering energy independence for India
Health Issues

In spite of Indians’ generally healthy lifestyle, life expectancy is comparatively low at just 65 years.
Statistically, this correlates with vascular problems caused by the excessive re-use of cooking oil.

Environmental Issues

Research shows that in India, used cooking oil (UCO) is too often dumped into sewers and rivers. This damages aquatic ecosystems and pollutes the drinking water supply of downstream communities. Micro-organisms eventually metabolize the oil, emitting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.
Part of that contributes to the acidification of the oceans, which in turn causes coral bleaching and weakens the exoskeletons of shellfish.

Economic Issues

India is the world’s largest importer of crude oil and fossil energy. This contributes to the an enormous trade imbalance and weakens the national economy. Collecting and converting UCO into biodiesel not only avoids negative economic impacts on health care, fisheries and tourism, it also directly reduces demand for imported fossil fuels.

Fresh oil quality

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) strives to ensure that fresh edible oil is not contaminated by used cooking oil (UCO) and that it is changed before it becomes a health hazard. We provide tailored, practical solutions for hotel and restaurant kitchens at all scales.

Used Cooking Oil

Please do not dump your used cooking oil (UCO) or pour it into the sewage system. Instead, collect it in transparent containers that let you verify it is not excessively contaminated by water, food waste or debris. Only then is it a valuable feedstock for biodiesel production.

Waste Disposal

Every kitchen has different needs. Therefore, we loan our customers used cooking oil (UCO) collection containers and bins in various sizes so they can dispose of it in a hygienic and responsible way - an important contribution to a clean and healthy India.

Sustainable Raw Material

Used cooking oil (UCO) is a high-quality feedstock for biodiesel production. We are certified by the ISCC, a globally leading certification system covering the entire supply chain. Lean on us for proof that your waste is converted into fuel for diesel vehicles - and nothing else.


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