Ecological and social sustainability
Protection of high biodiversity and high carbon stock areas
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Full traceability and sustainability for all partners and customers

Muenzer Bharat Pvt. Ltd. guarantees all customers and partners full traceability and sustainability. This promise by the owners is backed up by formal certification by the ISCC, the world’s leading certification system for sustainability and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

More than 3,000 companies in 100 countries around the world rely on the ISCC system to guarantee the sustainability of food, feed, biogenic chemicals and feedstock for fuel, with proven traceability along their entire supply chains.

Please find here the lastest version of ISCC self declaration for the collection of Used Cooking Oil.

Analysis and control

We analyze hazards and control critical points in our quality management process.

Controlled supply chain

ISCC is the world’s leading certification system for sustainability, covering our entire supply chain from used cooking oil (UCO) sources to the delivery of biogenic fuel, blendstock and by-products to our customers.


Traceability means you can verify exactly what happens to your used cooking oil along every step of the process. This includes high ecological and social sustainability standards as well as proven reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

GHG calculation method

Complete accounting of all material flows through the supply chain permits accurate computation of the reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with used cooking oil (UCO) collection. Based on the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive of 2009, we use default values in our calculations.


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