Clean and hygienic

We loan our customers containers that suit their need for collecting used cooking oil (UCO) hygienically. Our logistics service replaces full containers with clean, empty ones in negotiated regular intervals. Your waste allows us to produce sustainable biodiesel for India.

Every kitchen generates a different quantity of used cooking oil (UCO) per week. One size does not fit all, which is why we offer containers in multiple sizes.

Collecting used cooking oil (UCO) and disposing of it in a responsible manner is the first contribution to a clean India.

Choose the right equipment: a large fill port will avoid spills when emptying your fryer or wok. Consider the weight of a full container and how you intend to move it to your waste storage area.

Unless you can afford to wait until your used cooking oil (UCO) has cooled down to room temperature, your containers must be suited for temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Centigrade. Moreover, they must resist mild acids.

Choose transparent containers to verify that your used cooking oil (UCO) is not excessively contaminated by water, food waste or debris.

Choose a container with handles or else a drum trolley to transport your used cooking oil (UCO) from the kitchen to your waste collection area. Avoid injuries and accidental spills by limiting the lift loads to 30kg per person.

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