Energy from waste

When it comes to mobility, tests have shown that biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters or FAME) is a viable alternative to fossil fuels and friendly to the environment. Our biogenic fuel meets the strict IS 15607 quality standard and is 100% certified sustainable.


Waste-based biodiesel reduces net CO2 emissions by 93% compared to conventional diesel, because each carbon atom is used twice before it is released into the atmosphere: once for cooking and once as fuel. Our waste collection systems and services reduce environmental pollution and turn waste into resources.


The Muenzer group operates highly adaptable, scalable production plants for converting 100% of your used cooking oil (UCO) feedstock into sustainable biodiesel and valuable by-products. This flexibility lets us increase production organically in response to growth in the UCO supply volume, without idling capacity.


A decentralized strategy permits nimble responses to changes in regional UCO and biodiesel markets.

As India’s largest manufacturer of biodiesel from used cooking oil (UCO), we will produce sustainable high-quality fuel compliant with IS15607 at our production facility in the Mumbai area. This product will be suitable as fuel year-round.



Our parent companies are the largest producers of biodiesel in Austria, delivering 2,00,000 metric tonnes of high-quality fuel annually from their plants in Vienna and Styria. The quality of the product exceeds the EU’s EN 14214 standard. To meet customer requirements in harsh winter conditions, different options for lowering the cold filter plug point (CFPP) are offered. Thus, the product can be used as a fuel year-round.

Product CFPP Specification
BioDiesel IS 15607 0°C FAME Specification


We are proud members of the following industry-leading organizations:

  • Biodiesel Association of India;
  • International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC);
  • European Waste-to-Advanced Biofuels Association (EWABA);

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